Planning and development for a vibrant and sustainable life style for all residents is one of local government's main roles. Meier IT offers customised software to support informed decisions relating to the whole local government area.

What Meier IT Offers

  • GIS mapping software that can generate zoning and precinct maps to support planning and development. Constraints to development applications, such as flood or bushfire risk, mining buffers, or difficult topography, can be quickly identified to facilitate planning and development applications. Changes to the classification of properties can be updated to the GIS;
  • Population modelling software to predict where and by how much population changes will occur, to support your population expansion plans;
  • Software to generate development reports for properties such as flooding and engineering reports;
  • Software to assist in calculating headwork charges for development applications;
  • Software applications to help create and maintain planning and development GIS layers such as:
    • Zoning and precincts;
    • Overlay development constraints;
    • Buildings and sites of historical significance;
    • Flooding;
    • Infrastructure networking.


  • Savings in time and money from automating processes used to gather planning and development information quickly. Data can be presented professionally and assists in ensuring compliance of applications with your standards;
  • Consistent output reduces the risk of errors and misinterpretation when processing development applications;
  • Capacity to track and predict population growth (residential and non-residential) using the award winning approach to population modelling;
  • Software that can grow and quickly adapt to changes in government policy.