Planning, building and managing large physical infrastructure is a complex task involving many factors. The right software can greatly assist with organising information, managing complex processes, and delivering timely and accurate results. MeierIT provides practical, customised solutions to integrate an organisation's individual projects with the inputs from engineering and survey.

What Meier IT Offers

  • Project, job and tasking software that organises information consistently in an easily- used, centralised system that can be shared by multiple users. Our software is suitable for all types of projects including water and sewerage, roads, survey, and civil engineering projects;
  • Our software can assist with:
    • Project estimating and quote preparation facilitated through access to customisable and centralised unit rates;
    • Project scheduling including time lines, responsibility setting and reporting;
    • Comprehensive reporting on all aspects of projects, including links to budgets and corporate finance to ensure timely costing updates;
    • Management of project documents such as working files, OWH&S, Work Safety Instructions, and inspection test plans. We can design a document management system to incorporate engineering and design plans including imaging tools, quick previewing with logical categories, revisioning, and custom plan numbering.
  • Tools to convert data between various formats to facilitate the streamlining of processes. The specialised software packages used by engineers and surveyors associated with your project may need to be integrated with other systems. On the other hand, we can ensure that our systems export to your other platforms in order to maximise productivity and eliminate transfer errors. Meier IT can offer a large toolbox of libraries to cater for many scenarios.


  • Coherent framework for organising jobs, projects, tasks and documents so information can be easily accessed and extracted;
  • Integration with existing systems to add value to those systems;
  • Flexible systems that can adapt as the organisation changes;
  • Enhanced timeliness and accuracy of data as repetitive manual tasks can be eliminated;
  • Easily used and attractive software with corporate branding.