Meier IT Pty Ltd offers professional consultancy and the entire application life cycle for software development including requirements analysis, design, development, implementation, documentation and support maintenance.

Some of the key aspects of our software development process include:

  • Clear & concise requirements upfront so all expections are met or exceeded;
  • Meier IT Pty Ltd uses proven technologies that have a well established following among software developers;
  • Simple installation for easy adminstration. Meier IT's desktop software can usually run without any additional installation process on the client machine. The software can be centrally controlled offering one of the best and hassle-free ways to centrally maintain enterprise applications. For web development, Meier IT can provide hosting or use your onsite servers;
  • Experience in restricted standard operating environments (SOE) where client machines may not have access to all standard functions.

With the above offerings, Meier IT Pty Ltd can provide your organisation with a low risk and solid software solution with low administrative overheads and happy users.